Sustainable Wreaths

Lower Hope uses sustainably harvested foliage from Scotland, England and Wales. The Blue Noble and Nordmann Foliage is harvested from existing trees which are a number of years old.  When the foliage is harvested, the trees are still intact, with the appearance of having just had a ‘trim’!  These trees are then left to grow and are not harvested again for a number of years.

The benefits of having a fresh foliage wreath is also an emissions issue, as a tree is created from natural resources i.e. sunlight, water and CO2.  The CO2 in the air is removed from the atmosphere and kept in the tree.


The foliage that is used for making wreaths provides  a natural food source for rare and endangered wildlife such as the Red Squirrel and the Scottish Crossbill.  The majority of the foliage that is cut is from the lower half of the trees, therefore leaving the upper half of the tree free to grow and produce pine cones, which are a case for the seeds which the Red Squirrel and Scottish Crossbill eat.


Sustainable Mistletoe

Lower Hope provides locally sourced Mistletoe from the orchards of Herefordshire, each year the mistletoe is harvested with a only a degree of the plant being cut from the apple tree, to ensure healthy growth for future years.